CrossFit (60 minutes)

CrossFit programming aims to improve your capacity in multiple fitness domains. The result is comprehensive physical fitness and restored vitality.

BarBell Club (90 Minutes)

Whether you are looking to get started in weightlifting or refine your skills.  This class focuses on weightlifting technique, assessing movement, motor learning, biomechanics with effective programming and coaching. 

Youth Programs (60 Minutes)

Encouraging children to become involved in an exercise program,  is a way of getting kids active and encouraging them to master movement skills during their growing years.

Sports Performance (90 Minutes)

Sports Strength and Conditioning is about more than lifting weights. Our focus is on athletic development and improved overall physical performance. Our methods include plyometric work, integrated speed and agility, endurance and strength training

Iron Inferno 2.0 (45 Minutes)

Inferno 2.0 is a body weight class designed to improve athletic capacity and cardiovascular conditioning.

Iron Strike ( 60 Minutes)

High Intensity Interval Training with a punch. Goal is to improve overall fitness by incorporating a variation of striking techniques, weightlifting and functional movements. 

Remote Coaching

Remote Coaching is a online app based personalized, progressive fitness program, applied both in functional and non-functional settings where there is a one-to-one relationship between the coach and you.



Q.  I have never lifted weights; how do I know this is for me? 

A. Iron Muslket CrossFit is for everyone. All the workouts are designed for scalability.

Q.  Who can join, is it only for athletes or highly conditioned people? 

A.  Iron Musket CrossFit workouts can be scaled for each individual’s fitness level, anyone can join in on the fun! The only requirements are that you are willing to work hard, to learn new things, have a positive attitude and have the desire and passion to let us help you reach your fitness goals.   You will succeed and see great results.  Currently, we are training individuals of all ages.  We want to coach anyone desiring to get into the best shape of their lives.  

Q.  Can I contact you directly if I still have questions? 

A.  Feel free to contact us at anytime. If we are in a training session we will be sure to return your call or email as soon as we can! Of course you are welcome to come to the gym in person and see what we are all about during our scheduled group training.